Enter your character name, click "Continue" and you will be able to purchase Donate Coins

After successful purchase, donate coins will be added to your inventory inside game

To use Donation Coins, go and speak with Donate Services NPC.
Name Description Price
Hero Status Receive Hero Status for 24 hours 30 Donation Coins
Kamael Wings Receive unique and best wings 45 Donation Coins
White Mask Receive unique and best mask in server 5 Donation Coins
Golden Coins Receive 300,000 Golden Coins 60 Donation Coins
Epic Boss Jewellery Buy one piece of raidboss jewellery. 20 Donation Coins
Active Augment Skill Active Augment Skill On Weapon Only 30 Donation Coins
Passive Augment Skill Passive Augment Skill On Weapon Only 30 Donation Coins
Rebirth Skill Learn Rebirth skills without Book of Rebirth 1 Donation Coin Per Skill
Enchant Skill Enchant Skill for Donation Coins from +1 to +15 (100% Chance) 2 Donation Coin Per Enchant
Enchant Weapon Enchant Weapon Scroll (100% Chance) 3 Donation Coins
Enchant Armor Enchant Armor Scroll (100% Chance) 3 Donation Coins
Noblesse Obtain Noblesse status on your character. 3 Donation Coins
Clan Level Increase your clan level. 1 Donation Coin
Clan Skills Add full Clan Skills and 8 Level to your clan. 40 Donation Coins
Clan Name Change your clan Name. 15 Donation Coins
Reputation Points Receive 1000 Clan Reputation Points. 2 Donation Coins
Rebase Change your character's base class (oly points will be deleted) 30 Donation Coins
Resex Change your character's gender. 15 Donation Coins
Rename Change your character's name. 25 Donation Coins
Dusk Shield Receive unique shield 15 Donation Coins
Reflect Shield Special shield for damage and magical mirror effect. 10 Donation Coins
Rebirth Contract Perform a rebirth on your character 5 Donation Coins
Top Grade LifeStone Buy 30 Top-Grade Lifestones (8% Chance of Skill) 10 Donation Coins
Book of Giants Buy 20 Secret Book of Giants 5 Donation Coins
CP Potions Buy 1000 CP Potions 5 Donation Coins

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